Hydroanalytics  (Dr. T.)

The new field of “Hydroanalytics” (Hydroanalytics (© Dr. T.)) is  motivated by developments in predictive analytics and advances in data mining fields can help in developing descriptive and prescriptive models based on understanding of hydro-meteorological and climatological time series data. Hydroanalytics encompasses a suite of statistical, visualization, optimization and data mining methods to analyze data in space and time. Descriptive models can help in understanding trends and change detection in essential hydrologic and climatic variables in space and time. Prescriptive models can help in developing optimal terrestrial monitoring networks and also aid in managing hydrologic and water resource systems. This research area will focus on new and emerging techniques for understanding hidden patterns, episodic events, variations, anomalies, outliers, trends and all other characteristics of hydrometeorological and climatological data

Many works of Dr. T. have focused on Hydroanalytics (© Dr. T.)

Conference Sessions organized:

  1. “Hydroanalytics: Methods for Investigating Hydrologic Data for Predictions, Patterns and Anomalies” @ World Environmental and Water Resources Congress ( EWRI/ASCE 2018. Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 3- 7, 2018.
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